Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pawty Time!

Tempest here again, Sagira was nice enough to let me have her blog again for another day.

When dad dropped me off they had this sign up for ME, can you believe it?

 photo ETempestDR10_zpsc8acb924.jpg

They had the table all decorated

 photo Etempestdr9_zpsf35398e1.jpg

Wasn't it beautiful?

 photo EtempestDR8_zps11b569e6.jpg

Momster bought me this silly hat but Carla thought I looked like an unhappy nurse

 photo ETempestDR1_zps72afd4ea.jpg

So she gave me a cool new pawty hat. I'm here and ready to pawty!

 photo EtempestDR7_zpsbd2c598c.jpg

I shared my cake with a few of my friends

 photo EtempestDR4_zps7d57cd57.jpg

and a few more

 photo ETempestDR5_zpseba59a22.jpg

We got to play the blanket game. Have you played that game before? OMD it is SO much fun.

 photo ETempestDR2_zps2962b7f6.jpg

They pull a blanket around and we get to ride on it, BOL

 photo ETempestDR3_zpsd8c78ba7.jpg

I had so much fun turning one. Thank you to Carla, staff and all my doggy friends at Dogs Rule! for the great pawty. Can't wait to turn two now.

 photo ETempestDR_zps3b463d52.jpg


  1. Nice to meet you Sagira :)

    You are welcome to join my blog too :D

  2. That was the best party I ever saw. It's great to celebrate with friends! Happy Happy Birthday!

  3. That looks so fun!!! I can't wait to turn 1!!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. WOW TEMPEST.... HAPPY BELATED BIRFDAY to you. THAT was an AMAZING Pawty. LOVE YOUR CAKE!!! You looked grrrreat in your birfday Girrrl Hat.

  5. Hey Tempest!
    Wow, what a super party! OMD you really cleaned up with the cake and pressies. Sometimes the silly hats are worth it to score some loot. Happy barkday to you, my furiend!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  6. miss tempest!

    super mega happy belated 1st birthday to you!! boy oh boy does it look like you hit the jack pot! look at that yummy cake and the toys and all your friends and the pawty! that blankey game sounds WAY FUNSIES. i gotta get mama 'n daddy to do that with me 'n asa!

    the booker man

  7. Awww! So much fun! Happy Birthday!

    Monty and Harlow

  8. That looked like a great party Tempest. I can see the blanket game was fun. Mum pulls me around on my boogie mat sometimes.

  9. Looks like the best party ever!


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