Monday, December 9, 2013

Go Dog!

Our fourth review is for Quaker Pet Group again. This time it was for Go Dog Dinos line.

 photo EJWB_1773_zps2ddc1925.jpg

Of course since this is MY blog, I told Bokeh I get to test it out first!

 photo EJWB_1787_zpsf0d94ed7.jpg

Yep, the squeaker in it works and it is nice and soft and fun to carry around and squeak. This one isn't like the Hear Doggy one mom and dad can hear this one squeaking and they think it is so funny to listen to me squeak away. I just love squeaky toys of any kind. This one even matches my collar

 photo EJWB_1791_zps5bcfe2cd.jpg

I was being stingy at first and sat on it so Bokeh couldn't steal it away

 photo EJWB_1802_zps0d64a9e8.jpg

They even make nice pillows after you get done squeaking them

 photo EJWB_1804_zps697f7b6a.jpg

Okay, Bokeh, you can have a turn now

 photo EJWB_1792_zps434c8f01.jpg

Bokeh here, I like this toy to. It says it is tough and has chew guard protection on it. I am going to work real hard to get to the stuffing inside but right now I couldn't break it.

Here is a video of us playing with our new Dinosaur

In review, we really like our new toy. We love Quaker Pet Group as we said before. They are SUPER rescue friendly and provide great customer service and long lasting toys. We have purchased Go Dog toys in the past and will in the future. We love supporting companies as great as this one.

In exchange for this blog post and review we did receive the above picture toy to keep.


  1. She loves so much her toy doesn't she :DD

  2. IT DOES match your collar... Perfectly.

    OMD we LOVE the FACE you are making at BOKEH... THAT will keep him away from YOUR Dino... until YOU are ready to let him BORROW it fur like 87 seconds.

  3. Looks like fun, bet I could un-stuff and de-squeak that Dino!

  4. That looks like a great toy, and of course you should get first turn with it.

  5. Wow, I don't have any dino toys, so I think Mom needs to get one of those fur me right away! Looks like a ton of fun. Stuffies are the bestest. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm


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