Monday, December 2, 2013

Someone turned 1

While we were MIA my sister, Tempest, turned ONE on November 6th. She went to daycare and they had a big pawty for her. All of her friends brought her gifts and goodies

 photo EJWB_1708_zpsf8b1a68c.jpg

Tempest got to pick which toy she wanted first since it was her birthday and all

 photo EJWB_1709_zps4ea5ef0c.jpg

She was nice though and shared her new rope bone with Bokeh. He loves rope bones.

 photo EJWB_1715_zpsed7afd83.jpg

I stole her cupcake squeaky toy because I love things that squeak, BOL

 photo EJWB_1716_zps1f25daa3.jpg

Oops...I guess she wanted that back

 photo EJWB_1723_zps1f17b1d1.jpg

Told you he loves rope bones

 photo EJWB_1724_zpsf5e38561.jpg

Even Starr got in on the action and took a toy

 photo EJWB_1726_zpsaee7f656.jpg

I was being a toy hog and trying to get all the squeaky toys in one spot

 photo EJWB_1732_zps3adcae76.jpg

I'm just glad my sister is nice and shared with all of us. Happy Birthday Tempest!

Check back tomorrow for more from Tempie about her pawty


  1. Already? Oh my gosh! You were just a puppy yesterday! Happy Birthday, Tempest!

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Happy belated birthday Tempest!! I enjoyed your pictures of your birthday party so much!! So happy you have such a great one and so glad you made it to ONE YEAR OLD!!! Great job!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Tempest! TIme sure flies-seems like just yesterday she was a wee pup! So glad to see that she had such a nice party-what a great day care!

  4. Wow! So MANY toys!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Beautiful Tempest!


  5. Happy Belated Birthday Tempie! That is a lot of loot! Your cupcake looked so real I would have eaten it.


  6. Happy Birthday to Tempest - that is one very nice doggy daycare to give her so many wonderful gifts. Looks like you ALL enjoyed them:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Something you and Fenris have in common. He gathers all the squeaky toys in one spot too.

    Happy 1st Birthday Tempest.


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