Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tempest Tuesday

Tempie here! Sagira said I could have the blog today to tell you about about my first birthday pawty. OMD it was SO much fun!

It started out on Sunday, I got to go with dad to a private disc dog lesson with Matt. After my lesson dad made a stop at Three Dog Bakery and said we were going to pick up my birthday cake!

I had to check out all their goodies in the display case (everything is just for dogs, dadster couldn't have any, BOL)

 photo E1110131512b_zpsbe88f6bc.jpg

Hey dad, how about adding one of these to the order?

 photo E1110131512a_zps581c88d7.jpg

The lady baking all the goodies came out to give me a sample. She was really nice.

 photo E1110131511_zps1ca8e98b.jpg

Check out all the cool things they have for us to eat!

 photo E1110131516_zps30c5eac9.jpg

I even got a free Pupcake just for being so cute.

 photo E1110131517a_zps7f58f865.jpg

Isn't my cake beautiful? It was made of peanut butter and some other stuff. I just couldn't wait a whole day to take it to day care to share with all my furiends.

 photo ETempestDR11_zps89a6bae7.jpg

Check back tomorrow so I can tell you about all the fun I had at my pawty.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful time!

  2. That cake is awesome, tempest! And how nice of you to share it with your friends!


  3. Your cake looks very nommy Tempie. Happy Birthday.

  4. Wow you got a professional cake. That looks beautiful and delicious.



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