Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I had another trial this past weekend on Saturday. We drove to Springfield, Ohio for it. It was inside a horse barn and oh boy, Tempie had fun trying to eat all the stuff on the ground. Silly puppy.

My first run of the day was my standard course. We watched A LOT of pups not Q in this run. They were having a lot of problems at the jumps in the back left side before the teeter or a lot were missing the last jump before the tunnel. I of course got ALL those things okay but messed up my weave pole enter costing me to NQ.

Here is my Jumpers run. You can tell that I am kind of sore and I just stop in the middle of my weave poles. Some friends came up and told mom and dad that I looked pretty uncomfortable. So they went to talk to the chiropractor and scheduled me an appointment for this week.

We are sorry we haven't been around to visit in a few days. Momster is back on mandatory OT at work and has less time after working 12 hour days, then coming home to do rescue stuff, etc. We hope to visit you all this weekend.


  1. We are so sorry to hear you are still uncomfortable. Maybe you needs a rest. We are also sorry you didn't get another Q.

  2. We could see you were running a bit short in the second video and hope the chiropractor can get you sorted out.

  3. Well seeing as how I would have never made it half way through the course, that little bit of a slow down through the weave poles looked pretty good to me......

  4. You do look you might be a bit sore when you come down from each of those jumps - we hope the chiropractor can help you. We too are sorry for not being around much - too much going on for the Momster or something like that. At least we got some snow to enjoy.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. So sorry to here you are having discomfort, hope your feeling better soon!

  6. WOW that place is HUGE!!
    Bet it smells WONDERFUL in there.

    Sorry you are on OT... THAT cuts into the FUN... butt it Pays the bills.
    Hope you got the Ticket Money.

  7. Me and the boys have missed getting to watch all your videos. Thanks for sharing!


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