Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Trial

We packed up and went back to Zanesville yesterday for another agility trial. This one was super fun because our furiends Frankie and Ernie came to cheer me on today. They got to meet my sister Tempie to. Frankie's mom took all the pics so will hopefully share them with you soon.

My back leg has been feeling a little sore so dad tried to take it easy on me. Guess mom said I am going to the VET today to have an x-ray done to try to find out what is going on with my back leg.

My standard run was beautiful but dad try to push me and got too far ahead of me and I therefore dropped my last bar. Other than that my run was beautiful (so mom says).

and then we moved over to JWW and Frankie and Ernie were there to cheer me on so I got another Q, yippee!

Frankie and Ernie also gave me a bag of goodies. I will take video and get that posted soon of us checking out all our new goodies.


  1. Ernie and I were SO very PROUD of you. It was beautiful to watch you FLY through the air the way you do.
    Congratulations on the NEW Q !!

    Ernie is very much sorry that he SNARLED at little TEMPIE.

    We will have pics of our big meet up... on the blog... SOON... and you can Snag the pics for yourself from there.
    We can't WAIT to see you AGAIN!!!

  2. Oh darling, I am so sorry your leg is hurt. I will come massage it for you. ~Fenris

  3. OMD!! That was SO cool Sagria!! You sure are a star!!
    That is FABulous that Frankie and Ernie were ther in the furs!!! OMD! That musta been so very cool to have a huge cheering section! YEA!
    Hopes everythings okays with your leggie...

  4. You did great Sagira. We hope the vet can make your leg feel better.


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