Friday, February 22, 2013

Barn Hunt

So the AKC is welcoming a new sport. It is called Barn Hunt. It is kind of like Earth Dog but for dogs who are too big to fit in the little earth dog tunnels. Our training club opened the club on a Saturday for people to come and give it a try. Mom and dad know how much I love to hunt things so they took Tempie and I to the club to give it a go.

At first they had three boxes with tubes in them. One of the tubes has a REAL life rat in it!

I had to sniff them all real good and figure out that box 3 had the real rat in it. If you watch the video about 50 seconds in you will see me back up and do a stance. This is my "hey dad, it is in this tube" signal and at that point he would tell the judges that is my choice by my stance. Pretty cool huh?

After you get that done then you move on in the training. You have to go under the bales of hay and then climb over the hay to the tunnels and figure out which tube the rat is in. I didn't want to go through the hay tunnel and made dad work at it. BOL

This was so much fun. I can't wait to do it again. Pictures to come soon.


  1. That is so cool! MOM says I would be a natural at this. I better look and see what we have in our area to show off my skill.

  2. I feel a little sorry for the rat (only a little), but that looks like something I would like to do.


  3. OMD OMD WE are so PROUD of you!! THAT looks like grrrreat fun fur you!! We like that as much or MORE than the Agilities!! HUNTING is SO much FUN.

  4. OMD!! Wells, it's about TIME!!! Ma has been watchin' all those small doggies have all the funs for SOOOO long, and was always wonderin' 'why can't bigger doggies do that???'. I'm sooo glads they're doin' this! YEA!! Looks like your gonna be comin' in furst!!

  5. Mommy says hay is itchy. The rest of us wouldn't know.


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