Saturday, February 23, 2013

Barn Hunt Photos

Here are some of the pictures from me doing the Barn Hunt.

Checking out the tubes to find which one the rat is in

 photo EJWB_2510_zps743aba52.jpg

What, mom? You're trying to give me a treat? Please! I don't care about a treat, do you NOT see this RAT in here? I want the RAT you can keep your treat.

 photo EJWB_2516_zpsfcf27875.jpg

My what big eyes I have....yep, I think I found the rat

 photo EJWB_2518_zpse146c048.jpg

This is my friend Razzle. Isn't she beautiful? Her mom reads my blog each day, Hi Ellen!

 photo EJWB_2543_zpsbb880d5d.jpg

Frankie is that you?

 photo EJWB_2545_zps9d388e89.jpg

I was making silly faces at mom while we were waiting our turn

 photo EJWB_2554_zps4f1485a9.jpg

Lets get these rats dad!

 photo EJWB_2569_zps1cfdf035.jpg

Yep, I think it is this one.

 photo EJWB_2599_zps05505b4c.jpg


  1. I would so love to go barn hunting with you.

  2. Hope you find that rat!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Razzle is a sweety. I am telling you I think I would be really good at finding those rats.

  4. OH DARN... Sorry Sagira that was not me... butt I surely WISH it was. Ernie and I would LOVE doing that barn Rat Hunt thingy. We have BOTH hunted and FOUND Field Mice !!! They are just like TINY Rats, aren't they? WE could DO that stuffs fur SURE.

  5. You sure know how to pick them!!!

  6. Find the rat sounds like a good game.


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