Monday, February 4, 2013

Private Lesson

This past Saturday mom and dad took Bokeh to Ostrander, Ohio for a private lesson at Dogwood. Bokeh does agility but his heart just isn't in it. The parents want to see if anyone can help them show Bokeh how much agility can be. We know he has the drive to play because he does so well with disc. So...the lady (Sally) at Dogwood told mom and dad some things to try to help build up his speed, confidence and will be FUN for him.

This is Bokeh just kind of showing the trainer his speed and what he can do

They have decided to make the disc his reward in the agility ring to see if this will help him out. Yesterday I must say he did seem to have fun in the agility training building for once.


  1. HEY.... from the sounds of the Weather Predictions... it looks like we just might be able to have a meet up at the Field House!! THAT would be WONDERFUL. We want to see little Tempest!!!

  2. He definitely looks happy to get the disc as his reward.


  3. Maybe Bokeh wants to do it on his terms, like more treats!

  4. Bokeh did seem happy once the frisbee came out! :) Did you like her as a teacher?

  5. That is a good idea to use the disc as a reward. Maybe he sees agility as work and disc as a game.

  6. Looks like Bokeh LUVS da disc!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  7. Wow! I think he's learning well for that case. I think he's better enough with his agility training. More treats for him.

  8. What a wonderful disc dog! Bokeh is so amazing!


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