Sunday, February 10, 2013

More puppy pics

Dad did a photo shoot for the litter that Tempest came from. Momster almost forgot to post the rest of the photos that dad took (or at least some of them).

Tempest looking all cute with her little freckles and all

 photo JWB_1024-Edit-Logo_zps08995afe.jpg

Trying to look all sweet and innocent, does she have any of you fooled yet?

 photo JWB_1018-Edit-Logo_zps6ec7e8ad.jpg

This is her brother Reagan

 photo JWB_0987-Edit-Logo_zps79230ef8.jpg

Mom really liked him, but didn't want another Bokeh dog after Bokeh's peeing on people. BOL

 photo JWB_0983-Edit-Logo_zps75724827.jpg

You sure you don't want to take me home Reagan asked, I am super adorable

 photo JWB_0968-Edit-Logo_zpsdfddc298.jpg

This is her sister Jerica

 photo JWB_0964-Edit-Logo_zps322251e5.jpg

This is Reagan and Jerica

 photo JWB_0635-Edit-Logo_zpscf4dd103.jpg

This is her sister, Dotty....Dotty is deaf but she loves to have fun

 photo JWB_0576-Edit-Logo_zps3551e148.jpg

She wanted to help dadster take photos

 photo JWB_0575-Edit-Logo_zps422a6f18.jpg

and this is the proud pappy, Cappy

 photo cappy-Blog_zps98ec88ae.jpg

and we leave you with a puppy pile up... one, two, three "AWWWWW"

 photo JWB_1065-Edit-Logo_zps1f14cfe2.jpg


  1. Great pictures! I can smell the puppy breath from here.


  2. Awwwwww is right.

  3. I'm very much sorry that I "snarled" at you today, Tempest. I'll try to be better the NEXT time we meet up. .... ERNIE

    WE just gotta say that your PICTURES do NOT do you justice... You are WAY more CUTE in PAWson.

    Congratulations to Sagira fur her GRRRREAT DAY..
    and.... Shame on the Toy Hog... fur slippin back to his old ways there fur 87 seconds. hehehehe

  4. They're all adorable-but that last picture is sooooo cute!

  5. What a cute family, we would have wanted to bring them all home.

  6. OMD!! I wanna take them ALL home!! Oh, what SWEET faces!!
    Ma is making all kinds of oooooh and awwwwe noises...really embarrassing!!

  7. heard about you on Frankie and Ernie's bloggy!
    Those photos are wonderful and the pups are so cute!


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