Thursday, January 6, 2011

Contest Goodies

Remember when mom was going crazy entering my photo in Halloween contest? Well the nice people at Cetacea chose me as their winner. My box of goodies arrived Monday. Look at all the cool stuff they sent. They sent us 2 Harness, a really nice leash, 4 collars, tag its, keychains and a traffic lead. Mom is sharing a collar with Ripley since Ripley's mom is the one who told us about the contest.

Thanks again to the nice people over at Cetacea!



  1. Wow so much stuff! Worth the wait, I'll bet!

  2. That is a whole bunch of nice goodies! You are so sweet to share with Ripley too!

  3. Very nice!Just look at that cute smile on your pretty face.

  4. It is so cool that Bokeh is starting Jenn's puppy class tonight! I have heard really good things about that class and I hope you guys like it!

  5. Whooooooooie... that is a HOOOOOOGE pressie package. I mean even two or three of those would have been grrrrreat butt look at all they sent... and it is all quality stuffs too. You are sooooo lucky that your mom entered you in that contest!!
    Hey... Perry Co. is supposed to get about 3 inches of... Khyra's Snow. I wish I could just push it all her way.

  6. Hi Sagira,
    A pleasure to met ya! What a great haul you made there!
    You are an interesting mix and I do love your blue eyes, he he. Sounds like you have a brother like me too. I sure we will become fast friends. Mom has me signed up for Therapy Dog Training next month and then Agility in the summer when she gets out of school. We have a lot in common!
    Your new friend,

  7. What great stuffs AND how khool to share!


  8. Wow you got a load of stuff! You have such a nice smile as you sit next to your prize.

  9. Wow, Sagira you raked it in!

    Congrats :-)

  10. Sagira, you sure got some great prizes!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  11. You are so generous and kind to share those wonderful gifts with your friend!

  12. Congratulations, Sagira!
    They sent you lots of pawesome prizes!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. What a cool parcel you've got! It's also very sweet of your mom to share a collar with Ripley!

  14. You guys are the best at contests, but with such a cute subject,....guess it is not a suprise!!!

  15. Hey - thanks for the great plug. I got very busy with our new tactical line and haven't been keeping up on Facebook. I'll try and get some contest up and running in the near future.


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