Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bokeh was microchipped

Monday we jumped in the car and headed over to Rascal Unit. The people there were really nice. It was Bokeh's turn to get a microchip put in him. That way if he ever gets lost (which we hope never ever happens) they can scan his chip and return him to us. Mom thought Bokeh would scream and cry (because he does that a lot when he thinks he is hurt or just isn't happy) but he was a big boy and did a great job.

The Rascal Unit has a big truck that they take out to help do low cost spay and neuters. Check out the big truck...


They took Bokeh back in the room and checked him for a microchip to make sure we were not putting a second one in him.

He came back clean

Dad tricked Bokeh and let him chew a bully stick for a few minutes so he wouldn't know what they were doing.

hahah..the trick worked.

Good boy Bokeh!


  1. Microchip Day is a big day! Yay! And he was just so good! My Sibes they all chipped while they were out for their spaying/neutering. Wow - what a good boy Bokeh! (The bully stick was a good idea!)

  2. What a cutie! 'nom,nom bully stick'
    *that reminds me I need to register Tibby's micro chip*

  3. You were very brave Bokeh. We would have been demonstrating some nifty claw work if it was us.

  4. Yes!
    I know it is very important to be microchiped!
    Bokeh sure enjoyed the bully stick!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. WaaaahRooo Bokeh!!!! Good fur you!!!!

  6. woohoo!! way to go, bokeh!! you were super brave like gettin' your microchip for sures! those bully sticks sure do help make the icky thingies so much better. heehee.

    the booker man

  7. Behold The Power of Bullystikhk!


  8. Bokeh, you're a big boy and you're brave!

  9. Good boy, Bokeh - and now you are very well-protected. Bet that bullystick was tasty.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. That is so great Bokeh!! We definitely believe in microchips. We don't want you to ever get lost but if that would happen, it would bring you back home to your wonderful pawrents. I got one when I was young too. Lots of love, Holly

  11. woo have one smart pops!
    nom nom nom

  12. That is very wise and we hope that Bokeh never gets lost too!

  13. those are big needles and he is a little boy-he really did great didnt he? So glad he is all protected in case the unthinkable happened and he got lost...all my dogs and cats have their chip, I tell them it means they are keepers ;-).

  14. Yesh, tricks wif dat foods is goods but you know what - we know what you is doin' - we just don't tell☺

  15. That is such a good thing to have done! He did very well!

  16. Boy, that bully stick sure did the job!

  17. I wish you Happy New 2011!
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  18. I couldn't watch them do it. LOL We had ours done too, now if it only came with GPS I'd really feel good about it.


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