Wednesday, August 11, 2010


AACKK! So I thought it would be fun going bye bye the other night but they ended up taking us to the V-E-T. Starr, my kitty sister Akira and I all got to go. I went just to give Starr and Akira support. Starr had to go to get her Rabies shot and some other vaccines. She weighed in at 85.6 pounds. She is up a pound from last time. Mom thinks it is because Samick isn't eating his food very well and Starr is sneaking in extra kibble.


Hey...where are you taking my sister???


Akira had to go because she is losing some of her fur on her back and tail areas. Mom about fell over when the VET told mom what was causing it. He told her Akira has fleas. What?!?!? We haven't had fleas in years and when we do get them mom is always the first one to know because they like to bite her. Mom told the VET she was shocked because none of the rest of us are even scratching at all. Mom thought Akira had some sort of allergy and has been giving her Benadryl. Well no wonder that didn't help, huh? So off we went to the store to get some medicine to put on our shoulder blades.


Mom also talked to the VET about Samick. Samick is getting worse and pretty much not wanting to eat anymore. He will eat his kibble only if we put moist food or gravy on it, which we have been doing just to try to keep him from losing anymore weight, he is getting so thin. We discussed things with the doctor and he is in agreement with what we are doing. He told us that when we feel Samick's quality of life is no longer there that we need to contact him. Right now Samick has his days and can't hold his urine for very long anymore and makes messes, but that is okay, that is what they make plastic for and we will just keep cleaning them up and telling him that he is okay. He still has a sparkle in his eye and it isn't his time yet.


  1. Oh Sagira, what a day! At least you only had to go for moral support. And oh, poor Akira, fleas are terrible (and of course we know that they wouldn't be fun for you either). We had a cat that was allergic to flea bites - she has one and lost the fur in that spot, so we know how that is - and maybe the benedryl did help at least make the fleas itch Akira a bit less!

    Oh, and Samick, we are so sad he is declining - it sounds like you are all doing everything you can to make him comfortable. And we know this has to be so hard on your mom and dad - but remember that even if there are bad days there are good days too. He will let you know when he is ready and we know you will all give him lots and lots of love til then. We are sending him lots of purrs and prayers to have lots more good days and we are sending your mom and dad some purrs and hugs too because we know this has to be so tough for them.

  2. Well, that was quite a visit to the Vet. My sisters and I send purrs to sweet Samick.

  3. Sagira - It sure was nice of you to go along and lend moral support! We do that squirty-squirt between our shoulder blades every month. Ick! Beats getting fleas and ticks, though!
    Sorry to hear about Samick! We know how hard that is!!! Here are some tricks our mom has up her sleeve that might help Sam eat:
    1. Zim's Stinky Goodness Jerky Treats. Recipe in our side-bar. Our vets marveled that they hadn't thought about that one.
    2. Zim's Frozen Treats. Recipe also in side-bar. You don't have to do a total freeze, just slushie is good. It might be different enough to whet Samick's appetite.
    3. Take some of his kibble, put it in wax paper, and crush it with a meat mallet. Sometimes that is enough to release more of the aroma and help stimulate the appetite - plus it's easier to chew. You can also sprinkle on some of the canned.
    4. Another option to the above it to add a bit of sodium=free beef or chicken broth. Not a lot, but some. If he doesn't eat that, mush it up and freeze it into the frozen treats. Mom has been spreading it thinly in a zip-lock baggie, then freezing it. It breaks apart REAL easy and isn't too crunchy that it hurts teethies. Sometimes that works, too.
    5. Rice is gentle on the tummy and generally OK digestion-wise.
    Please, please have your mom or dad email mom at bagsbyKZK at gmail dot com and she'll try to help with other ideas!!!

  4. OMC, what a day....I hope your kitty will do well. If you want me too I can put Samick on my Paws and Prayer site...just give the word and consider it done! I hate fleas, I keep keeping our paws crossed that we won't get them!

  5. Poor Samick - glad you can keep him comfortable. You will know when the time is right.

    Fleas? Yuck! Hope they didn't get all through your house! We are battling ants in the house here and that is bad enough!

  6. Fleas are no fun! We had a huge problem with them last year, even though we were on Frontline. Lemon Joy helps get rid of those nasty creatures. Seems like you all had a very busy day at the Vets
    Your Friends at

  7. Love the A04's advice - they are such a smart group. Thinking of Samick and wishing the best of comfort and time.

  8. It upset me to read about Samick. I have always had a soft spot for him. I hope he has more good days than bad, and that you will be able to fill your heart with special times.

    We just squirted the dreaded flea meds this morning. Taren acts like you are killing him, the big baby. The husband applies and I stuff him with treats. None of which should be happening at 5am before coffee. LOL

    and yes, Caelan is a naughty boy. hehe

  9. We are sorry to read about Samick BUT we smiled when we read about the sparkle still being there -

    THAT is one of the signs to be alert fur - and the tail!

    During times like this, anything he'll eat is GOOD!

    Paws khrossed fur all of woo!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  10. Poor Samick. It's so difficult when "that time" starts to get closer. We know you will do everything you can to keep him happy for as long as possible. You will be in our thoughts.

    Holly and Khady

  11. Sagira!
    Interesting visit to the Vet!
    You were very nice giving them your support!
    Fleas?? Oh-oh!
    I hope Samick gets to eat a little bit more!
    Yes. He will let you know...
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Samick is so lucky to have such a supportive and understand family. There is some good advice from others regarding stimulating his appetite. you already all seem committed to making sure Samick days are filled with love and dignity! Know that you have many many friends sending positive energy and comfort.

  13. I'm surprised only one of you got fleas - when they happen here it seems like everything gets them! You are on a tough road with Samick it seems. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


  14. Glad Samick still has the spark. Your sister is huuuuuuge!

  15. What a day indeed....Starr needs to go on woof watchers like I did...I was about 80 when Ma and Da rescued me... now I'm about 70. (I should be around 63 though!)
    Lots of prayers and good thoughts for Samick... We KNOW exactly what you all are feeling. We feel it here too with Blue. I know our mamas talk about the old guys all the time and yes, they have the sparkle and that makes every day and every second worth it...even as someone is cleaning up a mess ;-)

    As for fleas... YUCK-O I never had 'em but I dont want 'em; putting goop on my shoulder blades would not work either since I'm missing fur there.


  16. It sounds like a day at the VET! Fleas...we hate those things and ticks too. We use the stuff that you have to put between your shoulder blades. We are so sorry about Samick and will keep him in our prayers. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly


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