Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Weekend

Wow, another busy weekend. My Grandma Margie came to stay with us Friday night. She went back home on Sunday. Saturday morning we got up and went to Pup A Palooza. It was so much fun. We walked around, got tons of goodies. Mom got one of those super Tuff toys that are normally $20 for only $3. We bid on some silent auctions but don't think we won because we have been checking our phone and no calls yet, but that is okay it just means the park raised more money.

Sunday I was in the dog show at the Ohio State Fair. Mom and dad kept telling me that I did so good. I got lots of treats. My Grandma Vickie came to watch me and take photos too.

Here are the videos from the two shows I was in, mom was tired and didn't record the third (bad mom).

This is from the 11 am show:

and the 2 pm show:

More photos of the fair to come as soon as dad has time to edit some up.

We also want to send healing vibes to our boy Phantom. I hope you have a successful surgery tomorrow and feel better ASAP! We are thinking of you buddy.


  1. You and dad are like a well oiled machine! What a perfect team! We always enjoy watching you fly through the course you are like poetry, my friend!

  2. Every time our Mom sees you run the course with your Dad, she so wishes she could do that too with one of us. Too bad she can't knock a few years off her old self.

    Thanks for the good wishes for Phantom. He is tucked away at the vet's for the night and surgery will be in the morning. Hoping for good news here too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Awesome job at the fair!! We want to do that some day too. Before mom and dad got me, they saw a CATC show at the fair and mom totally loved it! It's one of the reasons why she got me and why we do agility!

  4. I really wish we had an agility club close. No such luck, but I am thinking about building some elements in the back just for fun. I picked up a book and it seems do-able. I so love watching Sagira. Arooooo! Taren and his realy bad brother.=0)

  5. miss sagira,
    look at you go!! you are so talented at those agilities, and you and your daddy make a grrreat team. :) oh, i noticed your second run was like 4ish seconds faster than your first run! woohoo!
    the booker man

  6. Yes!
    You and your Dad make the best team!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Pawsome job, Sagira and Dad!

  8. You and your dad make an awesome agility team! It looks like soo much fun!

  9. Pawsome job Sagira!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  10. Woo, Sagira! Do you mean one of those Tuffy toys? We have one of those, but a certain redheaded sister of mine we call The Jaws of Steel put a hole in it in about 2 minutes. Sigh. I still get to play with it sometimes, though.
    You're really awesome at that agility stuff!

  11. You sure are getting good at that stuff, I'm impressed!

  12. Oh Sagira, you did SOOO well! We loved watching the videos, and hearing all the nice things the announcer lady said about you! :-)



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