Monday, August 30, 2010

Please help Harley!

My mom's rescue just took in a new pup, her name is Harley. She is a blue Weimaraner puppy that was dropped off at the vet's office after she was struck by a car. The owners couldn't afford surgery so the vet asked if we would take her in to save her from being euthanized. Our rescue group took sweet Harley in. The vet is only making us pay 1/2 the surgery fee, but that is still $2,000 after the discount. So far we have raised around $350 to help cover the expenses of her surgery. Would you consider helping Harley out? Even if it is just a dollar (less than a cup of coffee). It all adds up in the end.

Videos, photos and our donation widget can be found on Harley's blog at: HARLEY

Harley, Louisville Weimaraner Rescue and I thank you for considering helping this sweet girl out.


  1. WOW!!! Thank you to SaraRenee and LWR for taking her in. Thanks, Sagira for posting about your new friend... you should tell mom to post on WA!!
    I am going to send some $ soon! (I get paid on Wed)

  2. That was Awesome that you guys took her in! Thanks for Posting about Harley.

  3. Hi Sagira - thanks for telling us about Harley! We went over to meet her. We are going to put her donation widget on our blog - we hope it helps!

  4. Poor little sweetie. We get some green papers on Friday and we will donate some then. Thanks for helping sweet Harley.

  5. Poor little baby...glad you guys are helping out and the vet is giving a discount, hopefully all the donations will take care of the rest, what a great cause.

  6. Thank you for helping Harley! Bless you!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  7. Stopped by with well wishes for Harley and helped a little.

  8. Hope someone will adopt Harley!!

  9. Hi Sagira!
    Thanks for sharing Harley's story with us.
    We will pay a visit now.
    Prayers for her and hopes she gets a permanent loving home!


  10. Pawesome work from all on this one -

    Off to visit and see if we khan't buy a khup or two -


  11. Hey, is there a specific donation widget for Harley? I could not find it.

  12. Sorry to be late, but we added a few dollars, wish it could be more.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


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