Monday, August 16, 2010

300th post

Wow...where does the time go? This is my 300th post.

I wish I could say my 300th post is full of fun and good news, but it isn't. Tonight mom and dad were faced with a hard reality. Samick is really sick. We don't know how much longer we will have him with us. Tonight we noticed drips of blood on our floors. Samick is now bleeding a little as he pees. This is to be expected and part of the course since he has a mass in his urinary bladder. Samick is also starting to sleep a lot more. Momma cried a lot tonight. I tried to sit by her to tell her it was going to be okay. We are just enjoying as much time as we can with our brother.

Please send good thoughts to my family as we try to cope with what is going on with my brother Samick. He is a good boy and mom keeps saying she can't sit by and watch him suffer and just wants to know when is the right time to help Samick out. She doesn't want to be selfish and also doesn't want to rush it...such a hard decision to make.



  1. Our prayers are with your family and Samick.
    Having a pet get sick due to old age is heartbreaking.
    Our thoughts will be with you always no matter what decision you make. Remember that he had a great life with you all ok?

  2. You're all in our thoughts my friend. What a sad story.

  3. Oh Sagira - so sorry to hear such sad news about Samick. It is a terribly difficult decision to make and we know you will do what is right - we'll be thinking about you and your mom and dad! Hugs to you all....

  4. Oh Sagira and mom
    how sad. Samick looks like a sweet sweet soul. I'm thinking about you! Our hearts are with you.
    norwood and mom

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  6. We are sorry to hear that Samick is so ill. We are sending purrs to him, and comforting purrs to your family to give them strength when they have to make the decision.
    It doesn't sound right to congratulate you at a sad time like this, but we acknowledge that 300 posts is a worthy milestone.

  7. My sisters and I are so sorry to hear about sweet Samick. We are sending our best purrs your way.

  8. Poor Samick. This is always a rough time. Lots of purrs and tail-wags to your family.

  9. We are praying like crazy for Samick - and for all of you. This is so hard. Let your love for Samick guide you.

  10. OH! I am so so sorry to hear about Samick getting worse... I know how much he is loved by your family AND by others here and on WA. It IS a terrible thing to watch unfold and the HARDEST decision to make... I will say some prayers for him to not be in any pain and for you to have peace and strength. Also sending LOTS of LOVE!!!

    Chris, I am just a pm away if you want to talk ~Kel

  11. Oh Sagira we are so so sorry that Samick is doing worse. We are sending over lots of purrs and prayers! And we are sending lots of comforting purrs and prayers to your mom and dad (and you and Starr too) because we know this has to be hard for all of you!

  12. I am so so sad at the news.Please know that you are in our thoughts. You will need strength to face what must come. Samick will tell you when he is ready.. Hugs GJ x

  13. Our thoughts are with all of you as you face one of the most difficult of moments: losing a beloved member of your family. Just remember always that you have given Samick all the love in the world and will be there with him to the end. That is the greatest gift.

  14. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Samick. Facing this is the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life. I wish I was there with you. Lots of prayers and love, Debbie

  15. OH my gosh, I wish I had something I could say that would help, but we will keep him in our prayers....sorry you all are having to go through this.... Kathy and Liz/Breeze/Cricket

  16. We are so thinking of all of you. It is so difficult to know how to help our aging canine friends, but your mom will make the right decision at the right time and Samick will be forever grateful.

    Having been through those difficult decisions, I wish I could make it easier for you, but can only be here as support. Email if you need anything - D.K.

  17. You have lots of company and support -

    We've all been there OR will be there -

    We can't lessen the challenge but we can share -

    I always say, 'they' will let us know when it is time -

    Khyra's Mom
    P.S. Congrats on the 300th post albeit bittersweet

  18. What sad news about Samick! Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Give Samick a kiss from all of us!
    Congrats on your 300th post!

  19. You guys . . . I'm speechless now.
    Shoot, I came to say that I've read every and each one of your comments and that I find it awfully sweet of you to keep leaving them when I appear to be MIA. I'm so busy, my friends. So, I couldn't take it any longer and chose today to pay my looong overdue visit.
    You had told me about Samick and you were concerned. I'll keep my paws and toes crossed for him, and I will wish you all my best and hope for the best. I know we've spoken about our situation over here with Linguini. We EMpathize.
    Of course I can't leave without a bow. Congratulations on your 300th post. I'll try to be a better friend and visit way more frequently at least until my friend is feeling better.

  20. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Kisses and hugs
    Lorenza and mom

  21. I am so sorry to hear that Samick is getting worse. *many prayers of strength and healing*
    I hope you all have more good days with him...

  22. 300 posts - wow! What an incredible milestone - Congratulations!

    We're sending tons of hugs, love, and prayers to Samick. I'm sure these are difficult days. Try to remember all the great times you've all had together. Whether two legs or four, we bring lots of joy and love into each others' lives!

  23. A very bittersweet post:( We are so happy for your 300 posts and all the ones we have read have been so wonderful. Our hearts go out to your family for poor Samick. It is very hard to see them go downhill. The tears will come, but he knows how much you all love him. Hugs to all of you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. Oh, Sagira. I'm happy for your 300th post. But I'm so sorry about your brother Samick. He looks like such a sweet, good boy. And I know this has to be hard on your whole family. Please give your momma extra snuggles and luv, cuz she really needs it right now. We are thinking of you all and holding you close to our hearts.

    Gentle Wiggles & Wags,

  25. Poor Samick. You are in our thoughts. So hard when these wonderful dogs that we love so much get old and sick. You will know when it is time to say goodbye. Hugs to all of you.

  26. Part of being a member of this community is sharing..even the sad news. We are so glad you have been here through all the adventures and triumphs and tears and we thank you for staying with it to reach this milestone. Samick is a brave boy who is fighting very hard. Your momma and family are very special to understand his needs and to allow him the dignity to decide when it is time. It is hard to know the ending but please, all of you, make these days also joyful days of remembering and loving. Because the pain will eventually heal in your hearts and the goodness and memories will grow into a secret garden. Peace to Samick.

  27. I'm sorry to hear that Samick is so sick. We are thinking of all of you.

    Mochi & Mommy


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