Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update and Picking your brain

Sagira's mom here...

Samick update: Samick is doing better. We have been checking Samick's urine and haven seen anymore blood, so that is good news. He has been eating about the same for us and sleeping a bit more than he normally does, but I imagine he is tired and this is taking a tole on his body. Samick and Harley got a bath this morning so they will smell all nice when we visit Grandma and Grandpa. Sagira has been a great sister and I find her laying with Samick more than she normally does. I even found Starr cuddled up with him this morning. We wanted to thank you all for all the wonderful comments, thoughts and emails about Samick and appreciate all you have done for us to help us make it thought this difficult time.

Sagira's 3rd birthday is coming up on November 1st. We had a wonderful PARTY for her last year. I would like to have another birthday party for her again this year but I am fresh out of ideas. I don't want to repeat what we did last year (see link) and need some new fun and easy games to play. Any suggestions???

Frisbee night is tonight as well. Should be fun.


  1. We are so glad to hear that Samick is doing better. He isn't ready yet:) We send him wishes for many more good days.

    We have an idea for Sagira's party - give her a ticket to come visit us:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. We are so happy to hear that Samick is feeling better! Have fun at Frisbee night! I have a game idea, how about plastic eggs filled with yummy smelly dogs treats and they have to hunt out the eggs that have the treats.

  3. Glad to hear that Samick has rallied and that his siblings are looking after him so well.

    Guess what, Sagira? It's my 3rd birthday on Saturday!


  4. We are glad to hear that Samick is holding his own. We are still sending him lots of purrs and prayers to keep feeling good for as long as possible!

    As for the birthday party - wow last years party looked awesome! Hm, you are not that far - we may need to do a kitty crash this year (kidding - we can't drive, so we couldn't get there but it looked awesome). We don't know too much about doggie parties - but it got us curious and we looked on the internet - there is a whole site about them! It is - that may have some great ideas for you!

  5. Hooray for Samick, that really is good news!

  6. Ohhhhh,how fun! Let me think a bit, this is right up my alley. =0)

    So glad Samick is doing well. Kisses on the nose for him.

  7. Wow, Sagira's party looked like so much fun! I'm sure this year will be even better! :)

    I'm glad to hear Samick is better!


  8. We are very happy to hear about Samick and hope he continues to feel better for a very long time. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  9. Hooray for Samick doing better!

    Your party sure looked fun... too bad we live so far away. How about doing paw-painting?

  10. I'm ever so much happy to hear that Samick has perked up a bit. That's awfully sweet of Sagira to stay close to him and take care of him.

    My mom is just the worst party-planner in the world. Last year's pawty looked like so much fun. I can't imagine what you could do that would top that!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. We're so happy Samick is doing a little better! It's awfully nice of everypuppy to hang out with him!

  12. We are very glad to hear that Samick is doing better.

  13. We're so happy to hear Samick is doing better.
    We're thinking of you all.
    Thor & mom

  14. We are glad to see all of watching out fur Samick!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  15. Glad Samick is doing better. We continue to send positive healing energy.

    Mom had a pups and people baby shower and we played some cool save the baby, where we had to run the agility course and rescue a stuffy baby high on the catwalk and bring it back. And humans played match the famous people and dogs game...and we had a pups and people scavenger hunt...and we had a doggie tag dance where one pup started dancing or doing tricks and then picked another to continue and so on while dad filmed it; then we watched the video as a seamless movie! Just a few ideas.

  16. I am happy to know Samick is doing well.
    Paws crossed here!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Yay! Samick, you keep on healing sweetheart!
    *sending healing thoughts and prayers*

  18. Thank you for posting an update on Samick :) As for the party, sorry but no intelligent ideas. Checked out the second birthday party and determined that Sagira is too spoiled. BOL
    So sweet when you were describing Starr and Sagira's behavior towards their Samick. They're all so precious.

  19. I am so happy to hear Samick is feeling better.
    OOH my gosh, last years party looked fantastic....I am horrible about figureing out games though...;-)

  20. Since we are most likely not having a party for Turbo/Nitro in Oct. (though it might still happen) I will see if I can come up with some ideas.
    As for Samick. I am so sorry that he isn't doing well, but cherish the days you have that are good. My suggestion: get as many pics of you with him as possible (you will want them). Let him enjoy the time he has left.

    By the way, I still have the pics from Newton/Qui-Gon's party of Samick. I will have mom bring them with her to the trial (if I remember). If not, Monday.


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