Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 2 of the Trial is now over

Well, the second day is over (much earlier than yesterday). Todays runs were just as good as yesterdays. My first run was Excellent A Standard. I started off kind of shaky at first and shut down a bit when dad had to call me off, but then once I went into the chute I started having fun again. Then it came time to get on the table and there were people playing basketball in the court across and that scared me a bit so I got a refusal on the table. The rest of my run was just beautiful though. I was getting past things that some of the really really good dogs were messing up. Mom and dad were very proud of me even though I didn't get a Q.

Here is the video of my standard run (you can hear my instructor talking in the back ground saying good girl, etc. haha):

My second run was my Excellent A Jumpers With Weaves (JWW). I was a bit slow in my weave poles but mom and dad said that is perfectly fine with them because most of the dogs were missing the entrance to the weaves since it was such a tight spot from the jump. I was the only one in EX A my height to even get a Q so I earned 1st place as well. When we were checking the results some lady insulted us as we were standing there. She was like oh only one dog Q'd and look how slow it was. Well lady...all I have to say it that I might be slow, but at least I got the Q didn't I????

Here is the video of my JWW run:

Mickey update: They found out that he was on a medication that was depleting his system and draining his bone marrow. They are taking him off of it and as long as his bloodwork comes back okay he will get to go home tonight. Thank you all for your thoughts and good vibes.

Samick update: He is still hanging in there. Not acting as if he is in any pain, no more blood has been seen. He is eating as long as we are mixing in more and more canned food.

Check back tomorrow to see who I got to meet at the trial today...


  1. You are doing so great! And I'm glad that the brother is feelings some better. Momma sez' Thanks for commenting on our blog too. I say Thank you too!

  2. Hi Sagira,

    Thanks for coming by to say Hi! We have missed you too and your pretty face!

    Glad you are doing so well in your trials, keep up the good work!

    Riley and Star.

  3. Good to hear they found something to work with for Mickey - hope he is doing better very soon.

    Great runs - just ignore those stupid people - just jealous of our beautiful girl.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. miss sagira,
    you really are doing super duper awesome with your trial runs! i'm sorry those b-ball players scared you. :(
    i'm glad that the doctors found out that meddie was giving mickey the sickies. i'm sendin' mega healy vibes to him so he can feel the betterment and go home tonight!
    i hope your brother samick is a-okay. me and asa and mama will be thinkin' of him.
    the booker man

  5. Want me to beat that "lady" (and I use the term loosely) up for you? Well, no... what am I saying? I'm no fighter. I could ask Amber if she'd "rrrrrooooo" at her - how's that?
    You're doing GREAT at agility! Don't give comments like that a second thought!
    All our best thoughts to Samick - and to Mickey!

  6. CONGRATS that was gorgeous, what was that lady talking about SLOW???? People ought to remember at a trial to remember what they are saying and where, on a video of one of our last runs a lady I have always really liked made this comment about ooooh if that dog keeps looking bacck she will never make it in excellent, well, she has no clue how far we have come or that Breeze unknown to me was running with a back injury, but I was crushed to hear someone making fun of us it was not up to her to decide how we had done ;-) and seriously I dont think anyone would call that a slow run, it qd in excellent didnt it?

  7. Sagira! Good job! Hmmm... I'd like to see that lady doing what you do!
    Glad they found what was happening with Mickey!
    And glad too to know Samick is doing well.
    Paws crossed here for them!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Awesome job Sagira! I loved your weaves in your standard run - they were so good and fast and the poles were right there by the ring gates too! Your JWW run was great - it didn't look slow to me at all and it was a tough course! Don't know what was wrong with the lady who commented on how slow it was - what was her problem? People should keep their mouths shut unless they have something nice to say!

  9. You are doing so very good!!! Hooray X 2 for Mickey and Samick, I sure hope they both continue to improve!

  10. Good news on Mickey and Samick!

    As fur what Samick eats, now is the time fur him to have whatevFUR he wants!

    Khongrats on another great day fur woo!


  11. Well done, Sagira!!!
    You did a great job and we're all so proud of you.

    Paws are crossed for Mickey and Samick.

  12. Hi Sagira!
    Great indeed to hear about the pawsitive progress on Mickey and Samick!!
    Bravo on the video! We think you're pawsome!!



    And best wishes go out to Mickey and Samick.



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