Sunday, June 14, 2009

On the news

We went to a local dog event today called "SLOBBERFEST". It was a decent event. Got a sample bag, entered the raffles, ran into some old friends. My boss and friend sent me a message to tell us they saw us on the news. I was like ACKKK! So I just watched the 11:00 news and sure enough we were on there. They taped Miss Sagira jumping in and out of the pool and then we got all of our leashes all tangled up so they of course got that part as well. No pictures unfortunately since I left the camera at my friends house last night.

Here are some pictures from the training club of a few of Sagira's friends.

Oscar, he is in Sagira's agility and weave pole classes and is a play buddy after classes.


and this is Sagira with buddies Oscar and his cousin Edward.


Tomorrow will be another day of fun at the K-9 Carnival in Grove City. This time we will have our camera.

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