Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy day

Took Sagira to the hospital again for her Saturday visit. We had to switch back the time since I had to work this morning. But that ended up being a good thing. The lady in the gift shop told us the fire alarms went off this morning. We went at noon which ended up being a bad time. It was lunch time for most of the people. We did get to visit a few good patients though. One lady was telling us about how she loved dogs and only had problems with one German Shepherd that bit her on the boob (OUCH!). We also had another patient and his dad that were hunters. They were telling us that sometimes they see dogs out in the field that are actual coyote and dog mixes. He loved his dogs though, he even had a picture of them hanging on this bulletin board.

One of the nurses told us that she can see improvement in Sagira. She is still a bit nervous in the hallway but is doing better slowly but surely.

Samick is actually going to take his TDI exam today. So we might have two therapy dogs in a few hours.

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