Saturday, March 7, 2009

She is doing better

Sagira just went on her 6th hospital visit today. She is doing better slowly but surely. Her tail is starting to come out now, she is approaching people more, laying in the patients rooms because she is relaxing. Today was a special day. One of the nurses asked us to visit a specific room. She told us it was a cancer patient that only had a few days left to live. The patients husband and son were in the room and woke her up when we walked in. They said look who is here to see you and she smiled when she saw Sagira. Sagira was a little to short for the bed so Jeremy picked her up so the patient could really see her and pet her. It was sad, but it is nice to know that Sagira gave her a smile on her last days. The nurse thanked us for going in the room and we told her no problem.

We also got our official ID badges done for the hospital today. I like the way mine turned out. Jeremy's turned out kind of funny. But oh well, at least we have them now.

Sagira also had her second agility class and this time I actually remember to bring the camera. So I have pictures of her doing some of the equipment for the first time. Some of the pictures are not the best since the lighting in the training building is pretty crappy.

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