Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sagira's 3rd Visit

Sagira did her third hospital visit today. Things were going much better until about half way through our shift. An employee didn't like dogs and scared Sagira on purpose. I don't know what kind of person gets enjoyment from causing an animal stress, but she sure did a nice job. Sagira was much better today until the lady decided to stare Sagira down and stomp her feet really loudly at her. Sagira of course backed up from the lady and barked, which we had to give her a correction for. I just don't understand people. If you don't like a dog, then ignore her. Must you really try to frighten her?

Other than that, things went really well. Sagira actually relaxed enough and laid down in two of the patients rooms with them. I think she will get the hang of this eventually.

Picture of the day is her after we got home from her visit. And Starr as well, what a spoiled dog, not only sleeping on the couch, but has to have a comforter to make it even softer.

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