Sunday, February 8, 2009

2nd visit

Sagira went to the Hospital for her second time yesterday. It was a bit more stressful on her than the first. As soon as we walked in the door, the cleaning lady was running the sweeper on the entrance carpets. So that scared her right off the bat. We then signed in and walked to the service elevators. A group of people were coming down the hallway with a person in the hospital bed, so we turned her around, placed her against the wall to protect her and made her sit. We petted her and tried to keep her calm so she couldn't really see what was coming down the path. After that we went up on the floors. She was still a bit shy. She barked at one of the doctors. Not sure why, but we gave her a correction for that. After that she did well. We got to all three floors and had about 10 minutes left so we took her into the ER waiting room. Everyone loved her and always comments about how pretty her eyes are. Hopefully her third visit will go better.

After a job well done we took her to the dog park to let her play. It was still snow and ice covered so we didn't stay long. I didn't want her paws to get to cold. But she loves going to the dog park.

My nieces also came over the other day. Which is good for Sagira since she normally isn't around a lot of little kids. Kena fell in love with our Weimaraner Starr and now says she wants a dog at her house. They are to cute. :)

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