Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coach Collar

Just got back from doing another therapy visit at an assisted living facility. Sagira did pretty well. She did bark once at a lady with a walker, but that was part our fault because we didn't see her coming to tell Sagira to "leave it" first. She is starting to do better. She likes going to the assisted living facilities because other therapy dogs are there to play around with her as well.

Her therapy dog buddy Maggie had on a pretty Coach collar (the one I wanted for Sagira). So her mommy is going to keep an eye out for one for Sagira since she lives close to the outlet mall. Sagira has a Coach collar but not the one I wanted with the pink on it.

I also feel good, this one lady was scared of dogs because she was bitten as a child by a dog. By the time we left she quickly touched Sagira. It was the first dog she has touched since she was bitten. GO SAGIRA! It was a fast touch, but at least she was working on her fear, right? She then saw it wasn't so bad and decided to pet Maggie and Harriette as well.

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