Saturday, February 21, 2009

4th visit

Todays visit went much better. She is still a bit nervous in the hallways but is doing much better in the patient's rooms. She even laid down in a few of the rooms today and looked very relaxed. She was in one of the rooms visiting a patient and the heater kicked on, that was new for her, but we reassured her that she was okay.

We have also been leaving Sagira out of her crate during the day since our three older dogs are housetrained and stay free in the house while we are gone. She does pretty good except she does like to destuff our comforters. It was a huge mistake to give her stuffed toys when she was a baby and now she likes to destuff things. Here is a picture of her and her mess. She has Starr up there with her looking guilty, but I know Starr didn't do it.

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