Friday, May 30, 2014

Lucky 13

I had another trial this past weekend. I am SO happy to report I got QQ # 13 (need 20 for my MACH) and another 22 MACH points (need 750 to MACH). I was in a great mood and had so much fun in my runs. The judge told dadster after our runs that we did great!

My Jumpers run was first. Less than 1/3 of the dogs in my class got a Q on this course and I actually earned 8th place, I was in the top 10!

This is my standard run, again not many dogs Q'd on this run either for some reason.

I also got a super nice new toy. I will have dadster take some pics of that as well.


  1. How is Tempest feeling now??? BETTER we Hope... Paws crossed fur her.

  2. Well done Sagira. You deserve your new toy.

  3. Congrats, that is super!!! But so are you!

  4. It's always fun to watch you in all your glory!

  5. You did so great !!! Really wonderful!!! If you were mine I would be so proud of you!


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