Sunday, June 1, 2014


Sorry that we have been MIA again. Tempest has given us all a HUGE scare. A week ago Thursday before momster started work (which is the butt crack of dawn) Tempest vomited up her breakfast and then threw up a few more times. Mom thought Tempest just had a stomach bug and was going to keep an eye on her. Tempest acted like she was feeling better on Friday so dad took her out to play and exercise and well the poor girl came back in and threw up again. She didn't want to eat, her poo had turned into water (lots of water shooting everywhere, BOL), she didn't want to do anything and was just laying around. It was now the weekend so mom was hoping Tempest would start to feel a little better. She would have ups and downs. Finally, on Memorial Day we contacted our VET and they recommedned Tempest be taken to the doggy ER since this had been going on for 4 days now off and on. Mom and dad packed Tempie in the car and took her to MedVet in Columbus. They did some test and found out that Tempest has Camploybacter in her fecal smear. They checked her other levels and everything else seemed to be okay except her Cholesterol was a little on the low side. So they gave them some antibiotics and probiotics to help Tempie feel better. By the next day Tempest was bringing her ball over to play, etc. That night they got a phone call from the doctor lady at MedVet telling dad that the Pathologist did Tempest blood work and they found a "rare, abnormal unclassified lymphocyte" in her white blood cells. They said that it could just be a cell reacting to the bacterial infection that she had but also can't rule out cancer. When momster heard this she FREAKED out. I am not kidding you my momster cried herself to sleep that night, she cried ALL the next day. She called our regular vet and he communicated with the doctor lady at Medvet. Our vet seems to think it is just a cell reacting to the infection. He wants to give the antibiotics time to run through Tempest and then retest her in a few weeks so we get a clean reading. Can all of you please keep our family in your thoughts and send Tempest good vibes and prayers? You see, my mom loves Tempest SO very much and Tempest is just a baby.

Now on the good side of things Tempest is acting MUCH more like herself and back to normal. Her poo is almost fully solid again and she is eating and drinking just fine.


  1. We sure are sending Tempest our very best purrs and prayers.

  2. Poor Tempest and poor Mom. We hope the meds will help Tempest. We have never heard of that bacteria. All paws crossed.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. We are crossing all our paws and hooves that the next blood test will be 100% normal and that you and tempest can put all this behind you.

    Tommy (and The Gang)

  4. TEMPEST.... you SCARED Us.... No more Being Sickie. We are so GLAD that you are BETTER now and playing and stuffs.

  5. Hope beautiful Tempest recovers fully! Med Vet is excellent-most definitely run than second round of blood work-Med Vet is expensive but worth it!

  6. I am purring for Tempest and hope the retest is clear. Glad she is starting to feel better.


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