Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pet Expo Part 3

So on the second day of the Pet Expo Gail from Dynamo Dogs invited dad to actually PERFORM with Tempest during her show. Dadster was through the moon that he got invited to join the main attraction of the Pet Expo. Here is Tempest debut video for her first time every performing with the Dynamo Dog show.

We think Tempest and dadster did a great job considering they had no practice or routine and just went with it, BOL.

Bokeh got to go to the Expo Saturday and he did the agility show with them. Bok Bok didn't want to do his weave poles and told dad all about it during the show, BOL. My brother is such a clown.

Momster fell in love with one of Gail's dogs. This is Joker and his part of the show. He is such a goofy and fun boy.

After all the shows were over they held a costume contest again. This time Tempest went as a banana. She actually won 2nd place and got a $50 gift card to Petsmart, WHOO HOO!


  1. Those were great performances and I am very happy sweet Tempest got 2nd banana!

  2. WE looked at the crowds... who were watching you all... WE are really glad we went on FRIDAY... so we could be UP CLOSE and SEE BETTER.

  3. YES.... We HAVE been to Franklin Park Conservatory.... AND have seen the Butterfly Exhibit.

    WAY BACK in 1992... they had AMERIFLORA there... Mom and her BROTHER had season passes and went sometimes 3 or 4 times each week... from May until the middle of August... It was AMAZING...

  4. OMD! Guys you ROCK!!! FABulous show and LOVES the costume!!! CONGRATS on winning second!!! Wows!!! Now, what to buy with your gift card.....hmmmm...
    Ruby ♥


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