Sunday, May 11, 2014

Picking out a new bed

After agility run throughs we stopped at Petsmart to spend some of those gift cards Tempest and I won in the costume contest at the Columbus Pet Expo. Mom said this was a great time to try out new beds because both Tempest and I were tired.

Dad put some of the beds down for us to try out

 photo E101_0988_zps4dded9d5.jpg

How about a green one?

 photo E101_0997_zpsab588215.jpg

Tempest had a great idea of two beds. One on top of the other. Now that is super comfy.

 photo E101_0995_zpsa0dbc371.jpg

 photo E101_0994_zps860cd73d.jpg

Hey check this one out. You can crawl inside it and be covered up.

 photo E101_0992_zps8874332b.jpg

This one is like a mini sofa but a little too small, BOL

 photo E101_0990_zpsa541fda8.jpg

Maybe this one?

 photo E101_0988_zps4dded9d5.jpg

Oh this one is pretty

 photo E101_0998_zps2a7d3710.jpg

Yeah dad, I think THIS is the one.

 photo E101_0999_zps232e1b23.jpg


  1. There is nothing better then a new bed :) Milo & Jet

  2. BED shopping is SO exhausting... there are SO many types to chews from.

    We LIKE that one.

    Happy Mother's Day to your MOM.

  3. Oh yea, that looks like a great choice to me too!

  4. Oh yeah!! That fits juuuuuust right!!
    Congrats again guys!!
    Happy Mother's Day to your Moms!!
    Ruby ♥

  5. That last one looks perfect for you, Tempest!
    We have Wash N Zip beds that we order over the web. They give a percentage to a different rescue group every month. We have THREE of them now! You can unzip the whole thing and toss it in the wash - our mom really likes that, given how much we shed.

  6. That does look like a super comfy bed, although we liked the look of that green one too!

    Tommy (and the Chans, "Bed Experts")

  7. That last one makes it look like you are in a pool. It sure looks super comfy.

  8. Good Choice! I like the green one.


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