Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weimaraner Wednesday

Momster and Starr tried to do a photo shoot. BOL. Neither care for being photographed so not the best pics in the world but mom wanted some with her Starr girl.

 photo MeNStarrRS_zpsc44d1c4d.jpg

 photo MeNStarrRS1_zpsce08385e.jpg

Also, for any of our friends who might be interested mom is once again soliciting donations for Louisville Weimaraner Rescue's annual Weim and Cheese fundraiser. Any of our blog friends willing to donate to the silent auction by chance? If so, please visit the website and click on contact us and mom's name is Christina, email her for the address to send any donations to. They don't have to be Weimaraner related or even dog related. They can use gift cards, hand made items, etc. as long as the items are new and not used. If you don't have time to shop and would want to donate money momster would be happy to go pick up something for the auction as well. We just need as much help as we can get as this is our only big fundraiser and we need enough green papers to run the rescue off of for an entire year. Last year we had to spend over $10,000 just in boarding fees to try to help some of these Weims. That isn't counting all the medical expenses, etc. So, please...if you can donate anything, even $5, please let my mom know.


  1. Look at those beautiful faces. :)

  2. The momma thinks it's super important to have pictures with your pooch!

  3. I'm not one for being photographed either, but I love photos with me and the dogs. Your photos look awesome!


  4. Beautiful photos :) And good luck with the fundraiser, I'm sure the rescue appreciates it!! :)

  5. WE think that those are grrrrreat pics of Starr and your mom. They both look so HAPPY!!

  6. Oh, I LOVES the pics!! Both of you are just FABulous!!
    pees: Ma will see what she can find to donate!!

  7. Those are great photos! We can donate a little to your rescue, let us know how.

  8. We thinks the photos of your Mom and Starr look great.


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