Monday, March 4, 2013

Busy Weekend

Wow, we sure had a busy weekend. Friday night Bokeh and Tempie got to go to the training club for agility run throughs. Since mom and dad have me on rest I wasn't allowed to go and had to stay home with Starr. Bokeh did pretty good, his speed is increasing a little bit now that he gets to play Frisbee as his rewards for doing good at agility. Tempie of course had to say hi and kiss every person in the building. Her tongue is so fast like a little lizard.

Last Friday Tempest got to play with her sister Jerica. They had so much fun. Here is a pic of Tempie getting beat up by her sister.

 photo TempieJerica15weeks_zps08d9df87.jpg

Tempest actually starts puppy class today at the training club. Hope she is a fast learner.


  1. Oh I am sure she will be a super fast learner. I can see it in her.

  2. Tempie, your sister looks like a fun girl!

  3. Gotta love puppy wrestling! How cute :)
    Stacy & Ellie

  4. We hope the rest is helping you get sound again Sagira.

  5. We hope she is a fast learner too.. Mr. Who is a very slow learner, he still hasn't learned to go outside to potty.


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