Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time for Training

Tempest started her first training class this past Monday. It is puppy class so she just gets to have all the fun. Bokeh, Starr and I are not allowed to go because no dogs allowed in the building when the puppies are in there. BOO!

Tempest told me she had a great time though. Here are some of her classmates

Cute husky and sheltie

 photo EJWB_3076_zps821adcce.jpg

Adorable pit bull

 photo EJWB_3091_zps2d2e2b1f.jpg

Golden retrievers, goldendoodles, mixed breeds, oh my!

 photo EJWB_3079_zpsbc80ff7e.jpg

Tempest even got to be the demo puppy to show the others how to properly play "tug". (don't tell anyone but she already knew how to do that)

 photo EJWB_3081_zps0e255c08.jpg

 photo EJWB_3082_zps73a7e5bf.jpg

This was the next class over from us (the bit older puppies) and mom took this picture before she heard about the loss of our friend Remington. But I think Remington would have liked this little guy and would have wanted us to share it as well. Gosh...I sure miss Rem.

 photo EJWB_3074_zps7a48a5d9.jpg

Tempest is ready to go back to class again next week. Oh...and after class Tempie got to see her Grandma June (breeder) and also her daddy Cappy (he was in class doing agility in the next building over).


  1. Little Tempest is already a star in the class!

  2. Puppy class is the best! And they all look so happy.

  3. We can't believe that Tempie is ALREADY in Puppy School. They DO grow up SO fast, don't they?

  4. Puppy class is so cute to see. I would love to see some videos too.


  5. Fun times for Tempest - bet she had a lot of fun.

    We smiled when we saw that little Remington - must have been a sign from him to you that he is OK.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Oh, look at all those PUPPIESSSSSSSSS! It would be so fun to go in there and play with everypup, wouldn't it?!?
    Play bows,

  7. All those pups look cute. Tempie is the star though.

  8. You are so cute Tempest and you will be a puppy in no time!

  9. You are so cute Tempest and you will be a puppy in no time!

  10. Oh, they are ALL soooo cute!! (you are the cutest thou Tempest!! hehehe) I bets you are the star of the class!!
    pees: Remington look a like is really, really cute!


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