Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nail Trims

Last weekend we got up early and mom and dad took Tempie to stand in line at the grand opening sale of Pet Supplies Plus in Grove City. It was advertised that the first 50 neighbors in line would get a free $30 gift card. Got there about an hour before the doors opened, counted and were 46th in line, sweet we will get a gift card. Well, after everyone decided to jump in line by the time we got to the door they gave the person RIGHT IN FRONT of mom the last $50 gift card. Mom spoke to the manager and said she didn't feel it was fair that because people jumped in line her and the 4 others behind us were cheated the gift cards. Manager didn't see to care and basically said sorry about our luck. Mom decided to write a letter to Pet Supplies Plus corporate to let them know how disappointed she was with the situation. Mom explained that we have 7 animals in the home and spend lots of green papers on us each year. Pet Supplies Plus read mom's email and responded by saying that they were very sorry this happened. They are going to mail us a gift card for $30 and are also taking our suggestions and implanting a new "wristband policy" for all future grand openings. Mom loves when she receives good customer service and will now once again return to shopping at Pet Supplies Plus. We are happy to have a new pet store so close to the house. Now...what do I want to buy with the $30 gift card? Hmmm....

While we were there though they were doing free nail trims so had Bokeh and Tempest done. Tempie done excellent for having a stranger for the first time mess with her feet.

Waiting in line

 photo Tempie1_zps9c298165.jpg

Bokeh getting his pawdicure

 photo NailTrimPSP_zps0ac92c17.jpg

Tempest getting hers

 photo NailTrimPSP1_zpsef44ac2c.jpg


  1. Oooo I do not like this. Nail trimmings are very scary.

  2. That stinks about the line jumpers. Glad to see they compensated you something. We have been getting Millie's nails done at Petsmart. So much easier than wrestling with her.


  3. I feel sorry for your mom, that's so unfair of this 4 cheating people. But I'm glad you got a $30 gift card - that was very nice of Pet Supplies Plus. Hope you will get a lot of yummy treats :o)

  4. We are SOOOOOO glad that your mom sent that email and got what you were SUPPOSED that have earned int he FURST Place!!! Bet that manager gets some bad words said to her!!! The wrist band thingy was a GOOD suggestion.

    Sorry that you had to have your nails trimmed though.. THAT is never much fun.

  5. good for your mom...and good for the store for responding (especially when the manager wouldn't)

  6. Good for your Mom for taking it up a level. We bet you are very good customers there and that upper management was very wise to be so accommodating.

    None of us is crazy about nail trimming, but it is one of those things we just have to endure.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Well I sure am glad to hear they did the right thing and the wrist band idea is sure a good one!

  8. Go for your momma for standing up for herself like that! That was not right, and I am glad that you are getting a gift card!

  9. Good for your momma! I hate nail trimming.

  10. How great of that company! Good to know that some companies still care about their customer service.
    Not crazy abouts the nail trimmin' thou! Good pups you guys are!!

  11. Mommy would love to get free nail trims for us. Nobody will touch my feet (Fenris) as I am difficult. Tuiren lets Mommy trim her nails, but Mommy doesn't want to do it anymore cause one nail keeps bleeding. ~Fenris


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