Thursday, March 21, 2013

Exercise? What?

My chiropractor recommended to the pawrents to get one of these balance disc. This is made special for dogs and is supposed to help get my back hip area back in shape again.

Guess who the first one on it was?

Yep....Mr. Showoff, Bokeh

 photo EJWB_3100_zps3ccb033c.jpg

He had to show he wasn't scared and got all 4 paws up on it and even sat on it even though it wobbles all around.

 photo EJWB_3098_zps3e29c5de.jpg

Then it was my turn, I would only put two paws on it though

 photo EJWB_3104_zpsfac4ce94.jpg

and down to NO paws...haha, Tempest was a chicken and didn't want to touch it

 photo EJWB_3101_zpsa3ba3527.jpg


  1. I vote for no paws on it, it looks scary. Bet Mr. Who would jump on that thing and dance around broken leg and all. ~Fenris

  2. Wow that's great - I think I wouldn't sit on this thingy ...maybe I'm not brave enough :o)

  3. Someone recommended one of those for Sam. We aren't sure he would go on it either!


  4. WE don't think WE would want to do that either...

  5. That is what I need!!! My hips are all out of wacko too!!!

  6. That looks kind of fun. I hope it helps.


  7. Maybe if you turn it upside down you can use it as a food bowl!

  8. Not so sure about the standing on it completely during the shakey part but with just two paws it might be fun to make it rock! I hope it helps strengthen your hips.


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