Saturday, May 19, 2012

Missouri Trip Part 4

The second event of the performance day was Disc Dog events. First up they had Toss and Fetch. In Toss and Fetch you have one minute to get as many points as possible. You get points by how far you throw it, if you are in the bonus circle and 1/2 point if you catch it with your feet in the air. Here is Bokeh's first round of Toss and Fetch

This is his second round of Toss and Fetch

Bokeh got 2nd place in Toss and Fetch.

Up next was Freestyle. Here was Bokeh's routine.

He got 1st place in Freestyle. Go Bokeh!

Up next was Distance and Accuracy. This is where you have 3 minutes. The person/dog team with the longest catch wins. Bokeh got 2nd place and only missed 1st place by just 8 inches. Bokeh's catch was over 40 yards.

He did awesome in the disc dog competitions and we are very proud of him.


  1. You guys are so awesome to watch! It looks like you are both having so much fun.


  2. I have seen you do the Free Style thing Bokah.. and I am not one bit surprised that you won FURST PLACE. CONGRATULAIONS!!!

  3. Wow, Bokeh sure does a great job with the frisbee, especially the free style. We are definitely TEAM BOKEH. GO BOKEH, GO!!!!!!

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  4. Super duper job!
    Congratulations Team Bokeh-Dad!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Our Mommy can't throw so Fenny would be out of luck. Good job Bokeh and Dad, Congratulations on your wins!

  6. that is so cool, so much fun to watch, I LOVE<LOVE< LOVE the freestyle routinue, you guys are a great team! Congrats!


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