Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dash For Dobes

Last weekend there was a great event here in Columbus. It is called Dash for Dobes and is a race to raise money for Hand Me Down Dobes. We stopped by on our way to Bokeh's Agility Ability session to make sure mom's volunteers were able to get the tent up and everything set up okay. You can see some of the Columbus buildings in the back from downtown


Lots of groups and vendors Photobucket

Mom's rescues booth (thank you Nanci for taking charge and setting up) Photobucket

Pups starting to arrive for the race Photobucket

We sure hope they raised lots of money to care for the Dobes. :)


  1. That looks like it would have been fun.

  2. .,yah that really looks lot of fun, I'm sure you did enjoy that...

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  3. Hope you raised a basket full of money for the dogs!!!

  4. What a cool even, hope the fund raiser was successful.

  5. looks like a great event and a great group taking care of the Dobies ;-)


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