Friday, December 23, 2011

Facebook Friday

Guess what! Mom let me set up my very own PAGE on Facebook. I know some of my friends are out there on Facebook so if you are LIKE my page if you want to. My Facebook Page is HERE

For those not on Facebook, I know you would if you were out there, I understand. :)

Mom is busy wrapping presents at Barnes and Noble's Easton location today from 10 until 5 for her rescue. She gets a day off work and decides to volunteer all day wrapping presents, what is wrong her? Lets hope she and the rest of the volunteers can raise lots of green papers for mom's rescue.


  1. We just went to your FB page and liked you Sagira.

  2. I will go looking for you over there! Hey, congrats on your win over at Alasandra's blog from Fenris!

  3. I hope they make TONS of green papers.. wrappin Papers around Pressies.

    I would like to wish all of YOU and those you Love the Mostest Merry Christmas and OR Happy Hanukkah Ever!!

  4. I liked your facebook page, Sagira!

    I hope your mama made lots of green papers wrappin' all them pressies!

  5. Heading over now to FB - great to have another pal there!

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  6. I'll ask Rosie to show me your FB page later.

  7. Wishing you, and yours, all the joy of the Christmas season. Woof, woof, Meow, meow.


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