Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vote for me?

So my pal Twinkie is having a Show Us Your Tongue photo contest. I entered one that my dad just recently took of me. Sure would appreciate your votes.

To vote, click HERE

Remeber, vote for Sagira....number 87!

ps. Thanks to those who voted for me before I even saw it was time to vote. YOU RULE!


  1. I voted! Good Luck. You are right, yesterdays photos would have been good. I'd rather vote for you anyway.=0)

  2. Hi Sagira! Well, we would have voted for you, but we only get 5 votes per family, and well, with 6 kitties in the contest (5 of whom had 0 votes) we kinda had to vote for ourselves (sadly, those 5 still only have one vote - but somehow Barney has 4 - and we didn't vote for him - we are in shock at that). We looked and you seem to be doing very well actually!

  3. Cute tongue photo! We voted too! Good luck!

  4. Going over to vote right now!!!!

  5. we're off to the voting polls wight away speedy quick

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack


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