Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy busy....

Sorry we have been MIA the past few days. Dad and mom have been trying to get ready for the big photo shoot this weekend. They have been out buying memory cards, receipt books, etc. I sure do hope they have some people buy the pictures dad takes.

When dad went to Dayton to shoot (not with a gun, with his camera silly) the actresses for the movie he got Grandma to give him the photos she took from the Ohio State Fair. Mom was looking through them and reminded me of this one. I went up and said hi to the nice trooper.


Also, for those of you who helped out the Weimaraner named Harley from mom's rescue, there is great news. Harley was adopted and went to her forever home this week. They were so happy to get Harley and I am sure they will be taking excellent care of her.

Grandpa (dad's dad) is coming to stay with us tomorrow night so he can help my dad take photos at Dog Camp this weekend. I have been hearing how much fun it is and can't wait to go. Dad is going to do some of the events with me. Mom can't wait to see what I do with these sheep. BAAA!


  1. WOW, you have been busy. I'm glad you verified the shooting...LOL I'm glad Harley found her forever home! That is so nice. Have fun with your Grandpa!
    Have a great day!

  2. I am so happy to hear that Harley found a loving forever home. You get to be with Grandpa! I hear that's the best!

  3. I hope we get to see some of the pictures! Hooray for Harley, that is so wonderful!!!

  4. That is great news about Harley. Wonder if his new family will keep the rescue updated.

    Have lots of fun with those sheep and good luck to Dad with his new venture.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Hooray for Harley! I hope her forever home treats her like the very special girl she is and give her a lifetime of love, safety, and happiness. Everyone there sounds so busy! Have fun with grandpa. Good luck to dad. Enjoy the sheep (you KNOW lamb shanks are my favorite, right?)

  6. Yay for Harley! We are so glad she found a good forever home!

    And oh, we can't imagine anyone not wanting to buy your dad's pictures - he does such a great job! And oh, we hope you have fun with the sheep - and if your mom and dad can get some pictures or video, well, we would love to see it - it sounds like it will be so fun!

  7. Way to go Harley!

    She so deserves a great furever home!

    That is furry nice pikh of woo and the nice policeman -


  8. That is wonderful news about Harley!!!! We love great news!!!!! That is a beautiful picture of you with the police officer!!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  9. Gosh, you sure do have a lot of exciting things going on! I'll keep my paws crossed for your dad. I sure like how you said "hi" to that police man. He looked very nice. And YIPPEE for Harley! Finding your furever home is the best thing in the entire world!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. hooray for Harley!
    are you reading the officer his rights? hehe!


  11. It's so wonderful to hear that Harley has found his furever home and everyone loves him. Bty, have fun with Grandpa!!!

  12. we are so glad to hear harley has found his forever home!! =))

    paws crossed for yr dad! =)

  13. I can't wait to see how the photo shoot goes. I can live vicariously through you, that way I don't have to do my own. ha ha

    Here is a cute video with sheep and Mr and Mrs Potato Head. I *know*, but just go watch it.=0) This is a big joke with my husband and I because he is SO that driver. Sheeeeeep...... LOL

  14. WOW!!! I hope your Daddy sells a ton of photos... I can't imagine he wont. He's super talented like you! :-)

    Have FUN!

  15. I am very happy to know about Harley!
    Yes... your picture with the officer is beautiful!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. good luck this weekend, it sounds like fun. Wow how brave seeing the trooper! YEA for Harley, what a success!

  17. Sounds like you have been very busy indeed! Nice picture with the trooper!


  18. Oh, that is such a wonderful picture! And that Trooper is so handsome! I can't resist men in uniform. Or ... basically men in general. :)
    You're such a lucky girl to get to meet him!
    PS: Good luck to your dad!!!

  19. Hope everyone has a great time! It sounds like fun!


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