Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vote for me AGAIN????

So mom found out that Petsmart is having a photo contest and the winner might win a spot in the new Petsmart commercial. has always said I could be a model. So here is my chance. For those of you on Facebook, please click this link (hopefully it works) and vote for me. I am in my pirate costume. You can vote once per DAY!


Okay, after your fingers are sore from all this voting we can return to normal scheduled blogging.

Mom and dad have been very nervous the past few days. They keep talking about my upcoming trial that runs tomorrow through Sunday. Mom said I have the chance to earn both of my excellent titles. Dad was curious and wrote AKC to see how I am stacking up again the other "mixed breeds". This was the response:

"As of Sept. 17, there were 13 AX mixed-breeds; 20 with an AXJ; and one
with a MXJ. (no MXs or MACHs as of that date)"

Soo.....if I get my AX title this weekend, I would be the 14th mixed breed in AKC history to have my excellent title. How cool is that? Wish me luck...

One more wanted to give an update on Harley. Harley is doing very well in her new furever home. The rescue has now raised over $900 to help pay the cost of her surgeries. Thanks again to everyone who donated. We truly appreciate every dollar that was given.


  1. Best of lukhk to all of woo!

    I'm sure woo do just fine!

    Great news about Harley as well!


  2. Well, we are excited because we can totally vote for you this time, because none of us is in this contest (we really wished we could have voted for more at Twinkies).

    And tell your mom and dad not to worry too much - we are sure you will do well, and of course the more relaxed they are the calmer you will be too!

    And that is great about HArley - we are so glad she is doing good in her forever home, and so excited that she found one so quickly!!

  3. We hope you win!!! That is great news about Harley too!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  4. I voted too! You will do great with your trails!!! Hey, that is so good to hear about sweet Harley, YAY!!!

  5. Hi Sagira! Oh, you look SO Most Adorable in your pirate costume! I just went and voted for you. I hope I did it right cuz it didn't say, "You voted" or anything. Is it supposed to?

    And good luck in your trial this weekend! I know you're gonna do super fantastic splendiferous!

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  6. We don't do FB so we can't vote, sorry, Sagira, but lots of luck to you. And we know you will do so well this weekend, but lots of luck for that too.

    Great to hear that report on Harley.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Nice pirate costume... ARH!!!


  8. We don't do FB either. Sorry. =0(

    You tell that worry wart of a momma that you are going to blow them away,and she is not to even give it a second thought. Aroooo!

    Good luck, hon!

  9. Done!
    Good luck this weekend!
    Great news about Harley!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Wish you all the best!!!

    I don't have any FB but Rosie has it so I'll tell her to represent me : )


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