Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Secret Santa

One of the boards we post on does Secret Santa for the pups. It has a $20 limit and is SO much fun. I look more forward to doing this than I do receiving my own gifts.

Starr and Sagira's box came in the mail. Here is what they got and a video of them opening their box. Starr loves this duck. To bad he only survived a few hours. Harley and Starr got in a tug of war over him and decapitated him. RIP ducky...



  1. Hi Sagira,
    Aren’t secret Santa’s the best? Great video!!

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  2. i cant see the video. it doesnt work! hope i can get to see it!

    merry christmas to u!! =))

    woof woof


  3. Hi Sagira,

    We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Love ya,
    Riley and Star.

  4. I love how Starr takes the duck and is GONE!

  5. Sagira,
    Hope your Christmas was full of wonderful treats and surprises and hugs and special moments. Happy New Year.


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