Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Level 5 agility

Last night was graduation night in agility. Sagira made it all the way to level 5 without being held back. She had a good run...but didn't pass level 5. It is okay though, they said it is mostly Jeremy and not Sagira, so that is good. :)

Here is a video of her first run of the night:

and her second run:

Sagira also started her retrieve class last Thursday. I really need to get a photo of her doing her "take it" command...she looks so pathetic.

We taught Hailey (aka Christmas) how to shake tonight. I will try to get video of her tonight and put it up tomorrow. She is such a cutie pie. I am anxious for her adoption day this Saturday. She deserves the very best and I have no doubt she is going to be going to a great home.


  1. Sagira, you are awesome on the agility course! I love the jumps and hate the teeter-totter. What is your favorite? We have a small course set up in the yard and a group of my friends come over on Sundays in the warmer weather to run with me.

  2. She is amazing! I tried to get Freya into it but she doesn't seem to follow it or like it too much.

    I can't wait to see more pictures of Hailey (Christmas) especially videos. Such a pretty girl.


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