Saturday, December 19, 2009

Adoption Day

So...Hailey's (now Christmas) adoption day was today. She is now in her new home with her new mom and 2 sisters Heaven and Emy. I think she is going to do great there. She has a pretty new pink collar on and a very nice dog bed to curl up on. I am anxious to see new photos and get updates on the sweet girl. HAPPY ADOPTION DAY CHRISTMAS!

We also went to the training club last night. It was an agility run through and potluck. It was a lot of fun. One of the people in Sagira's class drew us a photo of our baby girl. I LOVE this present. Things like this mean the world to me. We went out today and bought a frame and matte to put it in. Now to get Jeremy to hang it up for me.



  1. I LOVE Sangira's face in this photo! She's like "WHOA! that's me?!"

    Let you people know that my guys are always free to model for a drawing ; )

  2. Yay for Christmas!!!! Many Blessings for her and her new family. Thanks again for helping her find a loving forever home.

    The drawing is amazing! Really great work by that friend, very cool gift.

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Christmas! May you have a long and wonderful life as part of a loving family who respects and dotes upon you. Sagira, you are very lucky to know such talented artists! That is a great drawing full of such life.

  4. Tomorrow (the 22nd)is my Barkday; please stop by and help me raise money for Canine Cancer Research. Ask your friends to stop by, too.

  5. Hi there, nice to stop by and say hi. We are friends of Starr on Myspace, and was told to come by and say hi. I also see a few of my friends on Blogger that are following you. :) Please stop by sometime and visit!


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