Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hailey learns to shake

Hailey (AKA Christmas) goes in for her spay tomorrow morning. After that she has her happy adoption day on Saturday! Yipee!

My husband tried to teach her to shake and couldn't do it. So the other day I was sitting here waiting for him to get work and figured I would try. Guess what she knows how to do now? Drum roll please....

I am such an awesome trainer! haha


  1. Aaw, how awesome is that! She is such a smart girl:D. Sad to see her leave...hopefully her adopted parents will make a blog featuring her.

  2. Hailey will be able to greet her new family with a formal handshake before all the hugging and loving commences! That is so cool! I wish you could join me for my Barkday Party...treats AND agility fun!


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