Friday, October 30, 2009

Almost time...

The day we have been waiting for is almost here. Tomorrow, Sagira will be in her first ever agility trial with NADAC. We are very excited and anxious to see how she does.

Sagira is turning 2 on Sunday. Our previous foster dog Lacey was not able to attend the party so her and her brother Baron sent Sagira a birthday present in the mail. Sagira loves all the goodies Lacey and Baron sent her. They are so sweet and have a great family that spoils them rotten (but they both deserve it). THANKS AGAIN Lacey and Baron!

Here is a video of Sagira opening her mail


  1. Wow! What a fun weekend you guys have planned! I just saw that both Sagira and Starr won in Addie's costume contest!

  2. Hi Sagira,

    We just wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween!

    Riley and Star.


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