Monday, October 19, 2009

Too much to tell you

Wow, so much fun stuff happened this weekend but don't have much time to do a major post so will keep this short and post more later...

Sagira has her last class of Level 4 agility tonight. We find out if she moves to level 5 or gets held back at level 4. I really hope they hold her back. I think she can still use a bit more work before moving foward.

Here are some photos of Sagira from this weekend. We helped a friend at her Halloween event to help raise money for the dog park and they had a really pretty waterfall that we stumbled across.


One of the vendors had this at their booth so Jer asked if he could take Sagira's photo there.


Sagira enjoyed walking creek side and watching the ducks.



  1. WOW! those are exceptional pictures, Sagira! The fall really makes you look like a QUEEN!

  2. Sagira is so beautiful! Great pictures:D.


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