Friday, August 1, 2014

Chewy is GREAT!

So we received a box in the mail the other day that we were not expecting. Mom took a video of us opening it because it was from one of our all time favorite places

If you can't watch the entire video fast forward to about 3 mins and 30 seconds in the video. I made mom and dad BOL.

 photo EJWB_7485_zps483c73fb.jpg

We just want to thank Chewy for always going above and beyond to their bloggers. They treat us so nice and they are just a FABULOUS company. We have never had one issue with them and they just keep topping themselves. THANK YOU!


  1. That was some nice surprise jackpot!

  2. OMD that was ASTOUNDING and AMAZING and outta this WORLD WONDERFUL. No WONDER you wanted to get into the box and Send your THANKS back to them. BaaaaWaaaah..

  3. I've seen several bloggers get packages like this and we're kinda bummed we weren't included. That's ok though, we still like Chewy.


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