Thursday, August 21, 2014

Columbus Zoo

Mom and dad left all of us behind and went to the Columbus Zoo. They told us dogs are not allowed. BOOO :(

They went super early because they didn't want to have to fight the crowd at the new Heart of Africa exhibit. Mom really liked the new exhibit because it seemed like the animals has plenty of room to roam around. This is a picture of the area where you can go feed the giraffes.

 photo EJWB_4377_zps3567a3d8.jpg

Momster in front of the giraffes

 photo EJWB_4375_zps8a326467.jpg

One cool looking dude

 photo EJWB_4353_zps07802149.jpg

The giraffe that mom got to feed

 photo EJWB_4329_zpsd5626c1a.jpg

This made mom's day

 photo EJWB_4327_zps4cf6baff.jpg

Dad had to tell her to turn around and get a pic, BOL

 photo EBJWB_4323_zps65fbdaa4.jpg

They had camels there

 photo EJWB_4300_zps05f96115.jpg

How cute was this baby?

 photo EJWB_4442_zpsbb41bcd2.jpg

Cheetah wanted to come eat mom and dad

 photo EJWB_4452_zps89d6dbf5.jpg

Cheetah decided to model some for dad, BOL

 photo EJWB_4492_zps2be7b4f3.jpg

Did you get that pic dude?

 photo EJWB_4513_zpsa12394fe.jpg


 photo EJWB_4528_zps7137ffdb.jpg

How sweet was that?

 photo EJWB_4549_zps6ba99815.jpg

Check out this guys Mohawk

 photo EJWB_4559_zps874f51ab.jpg

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the zoo pics.


  1. Such wonderful critters and I am glad Mom and Dad had a fun time!

  2. OMD OMD THAT is even BETTER than the pics and movies that they have been showing on the NEWS and the ADs fur it.
    Did you know that mom dad and LORI have Met Jack Hannah?
    Can't WAIT to see MORE of your Dad's GRAND pictures.

  3. What a fun day for Mom and Dad!!! Too bad they don't let dogs come too - we would love a day at the zoo!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. That looks like a great zoo that gives animals the room they need..


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