Friday, August 22, 2014

Columbus Zoo Part 2

Here is a picture of mom and dad waiting for the Cheetah races to begin at the "watering hole".

 photo E10525899_929186550439415_6375112893154945101_n_zps2e8c442d.jpg

And of they go!

 photo EJWB_4665_zps3440fe08.jpg

Boy are they fast!

 photo EJWB_4668_zps2ce951a7.jpg

Got the prize

 photo EJWB_4693_zps15bfba81.jpg

Momster actually ran into one of her dog rescue buddies

 photo EJWB_4732_zpsf1ecc2b7.jpg

Polar bears

 photo EJWB_4749_zpse673e7ca.jpg

So dadster's cousin is one of the keepers in the Gorilla area. She had a little free time the day they went so she walked around with mom and dad. Mom told me it was SO cool because all the animals knew dad's cousin and would come right up to the fence. This guy watched dad's cousin go in and get frozen watermelon and boy did he fly down from his tree house.

 photo EJWB_4889_zps7d7524de.jpg

Yummy frozen watermelon treats

 photo EJWB_4893_zps8b25f3f5.jpg

This is dad's cousin. Her job for the day was giving the baby its bottle. Mom is jealous and wants her job!

 photo EJWB_4922_zps03692159.jpg

 photo EJWB_4994_zps7d0e55d4.jpg

One of the gorillas likes when people brings photos and books for it to see. Well it came right up to the glass so dad turned his camera around and was showing it the pictures he took on his camera. This was really cool.

 photo Eunnamed1_zps56151671.jpg


  1. WOW! That cheetah can run almost as fast as you Sagira!

  2. I bet all mom's would like to have her job when they see this picture. Please give dad's cousin a big hug, she makes a great job what's not always easy.

  3. Your Mom and Dad had so so sosooo much FUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Thanks for showing us your fun!!!

  4. Oh very neat! I like your zoo!

    Monty and Harlow

  5. That gorilla looks very interested in your dad's photos.


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