Monday, July 15, 2013


Starr and I both had to go to the vet this past weekend. Starr went to have her staple removed from her surgery. Her neck is all healed up now and looking good. Her teeth are all clean (and her breath is better to, BOL).

I went in for my 4th acupuncture treatment. The doctor gave me the go ahead to sign up for a few trials in September and after. WHOO HOO! Can't wait to get back at it again. My hip is doing better. He put some more needles in me and gave me a new bottle of supplements to add to the two I am currently taking. I am feeling so much better. I am even playing with this annoying puppy Tempest more.

We have a busy weekend coming up. Bokeh has an agility trial and if he gets a Q he will earn his first ever agility title. After that we are going to CHA's Picnic with the Pups. They have vendors, rescues, bands playing, it is a lot of fun. (Frankie and Ernie, you boys should come!) Then on Sunday is Pup-A-Poolza at Alum Creek Dog Park. That is always a great event as well. So much to do so little time.


  1. That sure is good news for both you and Starr!

  2. Grrrrrrreat VET visit and results!!!

    We are really worried about this HEAT and HUMIDITY... I (Frankie Furter) get TOOOOOOOOO HOT. We are not even sure we can dare to go to the BARK PARK thingy.
    Did you know that DACHSHUNDS are 70 Degree dogs?? YES we are. 69 or lower is too cold fur us and 71 and above is HOT !

  3. we are all so happy you got the green light to go back to agility. Course now you are going to be too busy for me. ~Fenris

  4. We are so glad that both Starr and you are back in the game! Remember to start back slowly and don't overdo. It sounds like you have a VERY busy schedule!

  5. I'm glad for all the good news - please give Starr a hug from me :o)

  6. That is good news that you and Starr are both doing well.


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